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The Who Behind Southern Pastures

When the team at Southern Pastures purchased its first farms in 2012 situated in South Waikato, North Island, the seed was sown of this now credible, ethical, dairy farming business.

Seeking to balance that original farming cluster with a barbell strategy to help stave off the ups and downs, Southern Pastures purchased a further nine farmers in central Canterbury in the South Island.  Armed with some capital and an ideology that nurturing the land for generations to come should be paramount and unwavering whilst still balancing the return on investment, Southern Pastures set about honing it’s strategy to become an ethical provider of premium dairy.

Talking the talk is easy, but walking the talk is what makes Southern Pastures shine.  It’s two-fold and both lead back to the where the investment money and the Southern Pastures team initiates from.

Aerial shot of Southern Pastures milking shed

The Fund

Southern Pastures is funded by New Zealanders, and European Pension Funds who have a set of ideals instructed and swayed by those hard-working citizens who entrust their savings. That’s people like you and me using our savings to invest in something tangible and based on values. New Zealand, Sweden and Germany are all within the top ten trusted countries in the world so it’s not surprising that the AP1, an arm of the Swedish Government has found an alignment with the Southern Pastures’ philosophies. As a country, New Zealand is also first in the business index for transparency and has a stable, centrist, democratic Governments … who back in 1893 were the first self-governing country in the world to give women the right to vote! It look like we’re still pushing the boundaries …

Southern Pastures NZ team photo


Our management team has some fine attributes when it comes to values and backgrounds. A mix of cultures and hands on local and global experience in technical farming, farm ownership, agricultural research, funds management and investment banking, sports leadership and management, and niche business industry provides intellectual rigour and fortitude to decision making.

Meet The Founders

Prem Maan, Southern Pastures NZ
Prem Maan
Executive Chairman
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Graham Mourie, Southern Pastures NZ
Graham Mourie
Executive Director
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Phillip Wight, Southern Pastures NZ
Phillip Wight
Executive Director
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Taari Nicholas, Southern Pastures NZ
Taari Nicholas
Executive Director
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The Team That Puts It All In Play

Mark Bridges, Southern Pastures
Mark Bridges
General Manager of Farming, Senior Associate Director
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Lynette Maan, Southern Pastures NZ
Lynette Maan
Associate Director, Communication and Marketing
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James Booker, Southern Pastures NZ
James Booker
Canterbury Regional Manager
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Paul Lawrey, Southern Pastures NZ
Paul Lawrey
Waikato Regional Manager
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Hayden Bartz, Southern Pastures
Hayden Bartz
Associate Director, Finance and Baker Tilly Accountant
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Jo Finer, Southern Pastures Dairy NZ
Jo Finer
Senior Associate Director, Special Projects
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Roger Crawford, Southern Pastures Dairy NZ
Roger Crawford
Special Projects
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Jeremy Strange, Southern Pastures
Jeremy Strange
Farm Project & Compliance Manager
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Robert McInnes
Senior Apiarist, Canterbury
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Nicole, Beekeeper at Southern Pastures NZ
Nicole St. Germain
Apiarist, Waikato
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Luna the dog, Southern Pastures NZ
Predator Deterrent and Mental Health Officer