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New Zealand Grass Fed Products LP, or New Zealand Grass as we like to call it, is Southern Pastures’ Wholesale or Business-to-Business (B2B) arm.

New Zealand Grass is one of the behind-the-scenes quiet achievers of the Southern Pastures group generally flying below the publicity radar, it sells wholesale products to some of the largest retail and foodservice customers across the world.

Our Difference

The range of products cover Butter, Cheeses, Proteins and Collagen and include independently audited and traceable to Southern Pastures’ farms 10 Star Certified Values product range to dairy products from regular New Zealand milk contract manufactured by our partners.

Unlike other manufacturers and processors, who generally buy their milk from other parties, Southern Pastures is first and foremost a farming group. This provides New Zealand Grass a unique ability to offer solutions, traceability, and provenance that simply no other significant B2B business out of New Zealand can.  

The Team

The New Zealand Grass team comprises well over 100 years of combined experience in the dairy industry. Matching a ‘pasture to plate’ value chain, the team is comprised of experienced global dairy traders and analysts, farmers, FMCG specialists, economists and investment bankers thereby ensuring that whatever the need, we have our clients covered.

For trade enquiries please contact:

Neil Senauer, Chief Executive Officer: [email protected]

Jason Bray, Associate Director, Wholesale Product Sales & Risk Management: [email protected]