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Earth Friendly Farming


Southern Pastures’ mission is to deliver premium health giving dairy products with due regard to animal welfare and long-term environment and climate sustainability whilst providing a net benefit to local communities and rewarding career paths to its people in ever-changing environments.


Our vision is to excite and delight food lovers globally with “values” farmed produce holding true provenance.

Guiding Principles And What We’d Like To Achieve

Capturing Southern Pastures agricultural knowledge, size and breath of operation, and expertise across the business sector allows for an exciting farming future and the products produced post farmgate.  Add into the mix the science coming from links to well-established reputational academia and research organisations where processes and on-farm initiatives can be tested and measured.  This propels Southern Pastures into the forefront of farming and product research globally. 

Being a small nimble company with agility in decision making, hands on management from farm ownership to end consumer product, a barbell strategy of the two farming clusters and using its unique position of a transparent line of sight makes for an impressive, unique and compelling business.  The key is exclusivity and control through the value chain.

Southern Pastures’ boldness in leading the charge into climate change mitigation by actively promoting and striving to be carbon neutral, preserving soil moisture and in fact be the answer to climate change – even staking our reputation on it by putting it in our 10 Star Values Program is a bold move.

Our goal and vision is to apply measurable science using a multi-faceted approach utilizing our capabilities to build and store carbon deep within the soil, increasing the soil biome, plant and encourage multi-species deep rooted pasture cover along with increasing ways to measure inputs and outputs through mass balance.   

The Fund Credibility

With the superb calibre of pension investors bringing with them a longevity of funding, Southern Pastures has been able to think intergenerationally.  The management have therefore surrounded the fund with a thorough and detailed ESG policy (Environmental, Social and Governance Policy) covering:

    • Global and national responsible decision making. 
    • Robust and appropriate disclosure protocols. 
    • Totally transparency and independent auditing.
    • Double payment checks with the third being from one of New Zealand’s largest trustee organisations, and a Crown Entity whose independence is guaranteed under the Public Trust Act 2001. 
    • Better than best practice when it comes to on-farm regulations. 
    • Environmental aspects of life and land, action on climate change, water usage, renewable energy, biodiversity.
    • Social aspects covering labour standards and conditions, health and safety, ethos around human and customer treatment, inclusion, culture, retention of staff.
    • Governance aspects covering anti-corruption measures, tax transparency, decision making, shareholder reporting, resiliency planning, risk management, mission alignment, return potential, addressing and keeping current on evolving policies and regulations, balancing stakeholder demands and expectations, and contributing to a low carbon economy.
View our latest ESG Report


Southern Pastures Management Limited is a signatory of the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), a member of the PRI Farmland Working Group, and a signatory of the Farmland Principles (that was developed by a sub-group of PRI signatories to provide a framework for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) outlines for institutional investors investing in agriculture).


We are delighted to be used as a case study for animal welfare by FAIRR. The initiative is a collaborative investor network that raises awareness of the material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive animal production.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Southern Pastures also takes immense pride in being a signatory of antibiotic Stewardship Initiative. The mission of FAIRR is to build a global network of investors who are aware of the issues linked to intensive animal production and seek to minimise the risks within the broader food system.

Southern Pastures is the only New Zealand signatory.


The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) in collaboration with KPMG has collated a benchmark for the investment industry which looks at employee wellbeing, environmental impact, exceptional governance and human rights protection across supply chains. For the eighth year running, Southern Pastures has been named as only one of twenty fund managers to receive mention, and the only agricultural fund.