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Grass-fed, free-range, sustainable dairy

Southern Pastures is a boutique and niche group of selected farms, tucked amongst a backdrop of beautiful New Zealand.  

Seeded by ethical investors, the fund holds a portfolio of 20 dairy farms split between the rolling hills of the South Waikato and the lush plains of Canterbury beneath the snowy capped Southern Alps.  Managed and run by a group of passionate Kiwis who are driven by a set of values and philosophies that culminates into an honourability and vision that cherishing the land is paramount for future generations.

Given Pension Funds’ intergenerational thinking, Southern Pastures has been able to set the business on an upward trajectory from actualising early inputs and is now reaping the benefits coming into play.

10 Star Certified Values

Leveraging our world-class environmentally friendly farming systems implemented over the years of operation, Southern Pastures has created an independently audited 10 Star Certified Values Program to uniquely provide consumers with comfort and trust that products originating from these farms has a set of holistic values and provenance.

The unique set of 10 values spans the environment, treatment of animals, optimal fresh diets, human wellbeing, and climate change initiatives.

Discover the 10 Star Certified Values
Lewis Road Creamery 10 Star Butter

From Grass To Glass

Deriving from the ability to segregate its milk, Southern Pastures is able to sell through business-to-business networks via New Zealand Grass Fed Milk Products Ltd, and directly to consumers by way of consumer facing brands.

Southern Pastures has built its brand to resonate with consumers who want a gold standard with exceptional, premium “values” driven products packed full of flavour and nutrition.