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Free-Range 365 Days
Not all New Zealand should or can be destined for dairy, however tucked amongst some of the most fertile areas of New Zealand lies the Southern Pastures farms lucky enough to have the perfect climate and environmental resources.

Some might say the goldilocks of farming situations – not too hot and not too cold, just right. Because of this our cows can free-range 365 days a year and only need to leave the pastures to walk to milking and occasionally be supplemented with fermented silage feed for a brief time on the snack pads before or after milking.

Cows walking on a Southern Pastures dairy farm

Happy Cows

If there is ever a need for undue extended period due to extreme weather or an act of god the farmer will need to provide a written explanation to the certification body. In Southern Pastures’ existence this has never needed to happen, however with climate change we have this available to us for animal welfare reasons or to comply with regulatory consents.

As it applies to humans, exercise, muscle development and fitness make for a long and happy life. Our cows are fit and healthy walking the laneways to and from the dairy shed. 
Even though they are naturally herd animals, there is plenty of space to naturally socially distance in the pastures.


A Southern Pastures NZ dairy farm, Canterbury

Location, Location, Location

A clash of clean mountain and sea air, and only an hour and a half from both means the farms have the freshest of air.

Imagine having fresh air and fresh food right under your nose, and an ever changing and stunning view every day of the week – it’s got to be the best life a cow can lead.


Exceptional Animal Welfare