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Whether you’re for or against is entirely respected, however we, at Southern Pastures have decided that our farming practices and dairy products shouldn’t be messed with, or altered and therefore are GMO-free. It simply makes sense to us.

Some might say GMO-free food is tastier, more nutritious and requires fewer environmental resources (like water and fertiliser) and they might well be right, however we do it because food should be tried and true and as natural as possible.

Around the world, often feed sourced or grown for animals is genetically modified. Ease on the farmers wallet, time or lack of accessibility to alternate GMO-free feeds is sometimes the explanation.

It is important to delve further into producers claims even that which is deemed GMO-free (there is still a 5% threshold).

Genetically modified feed not just alters the cows diet (and in turn ours), but also alters the balance of population diversity, hierarchy and circular sustainable environment systems within the farm.

We, at Southern Pastures certify that should maize be part of a supplying cow’s diet under the 10 Star Values Certification it will be certified GMO-free, grown in New Zealand, and have a line of sight back to the farm it was produced from, satisfying and enabling us the checks and balances needed to ensure you, as the consumer, are receiving a product free from GMO.

Quite simply … GMO is not in our farms’ DNA.

A field of grass on a Southern Pastures NZ dairy farm


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