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Southern Pastures: Measuring the business case for good welfare

With over $300 million under management, Southern Pastures LP is the largest New Zealand-based institutional agricultural fund.

The fund has invested in over 6,600 hectares of predominantly dairy farmland in New Zealand. All the farms in which Southern Pastures invests use free-range, grass-fed and animal-welfare based sustainable farming methods to produce high quality premium dairy products.

Southern Pastures is a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investing [PRI] and to the Farmland Principles that have been adopted by a subgroup of PRI signatories.

Southern Pastures’ mission is to farm sustainably to produce world-leading economic and environmental performance for the asset class. This is postulated on developing an ethical agricultural practice that balances community and social needs with productive and sustainable farming systems. At the core of it all is Southern Pastures’ commitment to animal welfare.

Prem Maan, Executive Chairman of Southern Pastures explains, “Animals are key to our business and ensuring strong animal welfare is a fundamental consideration. We rely upon our dairy cows for good returns. If a cow is stressed, ill or lame it produces both less and lower quality milk. Therefore, the health and wellbeing of the cows is crucial and good animal welfare is an essential part of Southern Pastures’ business.”

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