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Southern Pastures deals with climate change while making money

The dairy farmer and Lewis Road Creamery owner views long-term sustainability as a tool for long-term profitability.

Southern Pastures is fully committed to cutting emissions and improving biodiversity but is not a fan of He Waka Eke Noa’s plan for measuring and pricing on-farm emissions.

Executive Chairman Prem S Maan said the whole premise behind He Waka Eke Noa was wrong. We were not isolated in a waka in New Zealand but part of a much bigger spaceship, Earth. Instead of just thinking about climate change, we have to also think about a bigger threat and that is the planet’s biodiversity.

“We need to think of the planet’s climate change. We need to think of the planet’s biodiversity, and we also need to think of the planet’s protein needs.”

Listen to Brent Edwards’ interview with Maan on the other sustainability issues being left behind, his take on the best solution, and much more: