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Prem Maan on a ‘super-premium’ Lewis Road launch, cost inflation and raising prices

Lewis Road Creamery is making its export-only super premium butter available in New Zealand, as it balances inflationary pressures with its strategy to drive the premiumisation of dairy products.

The boutique dairy company, founded by former Saatchi & Saatchi boss Peter Cullinane and now owned by investment firm Southern Pastures, will be introducing the product into the domestic market this month.

Lewis Road and Southern Pastures executive chairman Prem Maan said the ‘super-premium’ product is traceable to a small group of Asure Quality-audited 10-Star certification farms owned by the vertically-integrated group – much like a single origin wine.

This differs from the current Lewis Road butter available domestically which is a blend using milk from a number of suppliers, and is sold for $6.90 for 250g.

The super-premium butter will have a domestic RRP of $7.49 for 227g when it goes on sale at Foodstuffs and Countdown – a substantial discount on the NZ$10 it sells for at leading US grocery stores, including the coveted Whole Foods Market.

“We have been able to provide a domestic price that is cheaper than our export price, which reflects our reduced transport costs selling here at home,” Maan said.

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