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Lewis Road Creamery launches Winter Spice Milk in celebration of Matariki public holiday

The local legends at Lewis Road Creamery have built a reputation for their selection of flavoured milks, from chocolate – which infamously sparked a frenzied, nationwide shortage in 2014 – to double caramel butterscotch to banoffee.

Now, the boutique dairy company is launching the latest addition to its repertoire, Winter Spice – a limited-release flavoured milk inspired by Matariki and infused with horopito, also known as pepper tree.

For the uninitiated, horopito is a species of woody, evergreen trees and shrubs that is endemic to Aotearoa. Belonging to the primitive flowering family the Winteraceae, horopito has hot, peppery-tasting leaves due to the presence of polygodial, a compound that also has some anti-fungal properties.

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