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$10 block of butter shows consumer demand for responsibly farmed products

A block of New Zealand butter selling for about $10 in the United States shows that there is demand for products farmed more responsibly, says chairman and founder of Southern Pastures, Prem Maan.

Southern Pastures is an agricultural fund that owns 19 dairy farms in south Waikato and Canterbury and was founded on the principles of long-term thinking and regenerating farm land to leave it in a better state then when it was bought, Maan said.

The butter produced by Lewis Road Creamery, half owned by Southern Pastures, and exported to the US is made from milk from nine Southern Pastures farms in Canterbury. These farms meet the company’s own welfare and sustainability standards covering grass-fed, free-range, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation criteria.

The butter is the most expensive grass-fed butter per pound (nearly 500 grams) sold nationally by Whole Foods in the US and is also sold in Australian supermarket chain Woolworths, he said.

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