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Why food producers must stay focused on climate change

From The disruption and uncertainty caused by Covid-19 have certainly not evaporated, even though we may be starting to live less restricted lives. Further darkening the cloud of Covid and inflationary pressures on our economy, we now have the Russia-Ukraine war with its terrible
cows on a Southern Pastures NZ GMO-Free dairy farm

It makes business sense to be GMO-free

This piece first appeared on Are we on the brink of doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons? I fear that there is an alliance developing, almost by stealth, that will foist genetically modified organisms (GMO) on New Zealand. The impetus appears
Prem Maan of Southern Pastures NZ

Inter-Generative Farming

Farmers need to become the front-line warriors to save Earth from turning into Venus. Life on earth is dependent on two delicate layers – the atmosphere and topsoil and the two are deeply inter-related. The former has been thickening while the latter has been depleting.