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Nicole St. Germain

Apiarist, Waikato

Nicole, Beekeeper at Southern Pastures NZ

With a voice like an angel, it’s no wonder the bees love her.  A kind natured and holistically motived person Nicole nurtures her brood on the Waikato farms.  With about 340 hives to look after she’s busy picking the sunny days to be outside and dodging the bad weather by working part-time in the Waikato regional office in administration.  Her roles include all aspects of beehive maintenance and care.

Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan she has now made New Zealand her home.  Prior to beekeeping her roles varied in nature from wildlife security, staff training, general office administration and she is a keen Mah Jong player.  Nicole has worked in the bee industry since 2018 and holds a Level 3 and AFB qualification.

Song writer and entertainer to the backup cacophony of nature’s singers where she sings to her hearts content.

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