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Tom Bailey

Senior Vice President, General Manager Post Farmgate

Tom Bailey, Southern Pastures Dairy NZ

At Southern Pastures, Tom manages the post-farmgate operations and covers new and existing projects under investigation raising the profile of investor returns.

Tom has grown up with a life uniquely and evenly spent between New Zealand and the US. Educated from primary school through to Postgraduate in both countries, he has Agriculture in his bones. Growing up on the family farm in Illinois, he understands the importance and contribution farming makes to the economy.

Tom has become a specialist in the dairy and dairy alternative supply chain primarily focused post farm-gate. He has spent the last 11 years working in various roles from Fonterra to Rabobank. Tom was most recently the dairy sector senior analyst covering the North American market for Rabobank. This role saw Tom supporting Rabobank’s engagement in the dairy industry regionally and globally, this includes mergers and acquisition advisory, and broader investment banking support.

He has become a regular speaker at industry events, presenting his research at conferences around the world and appearing in media publications from the Wall Street Journal to the Otago Times.

Tom formally studied law and philosophy in his undergraduate years at The University of Idaho. Upon graduating he pursued a master’s degree in international business at Auckland University and has undertaken executive education including Harvard Business School’s agricultural business short course.

Tom is an accomplished track and field athlete and is also an avid music fan and DJ.

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