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Hayden Bartz

Associate Director, Finance and Baker Tilly Accountant

Hayden Bartz, Southern Pastures

When he’s not cycling the outskirts of Auckland or striding across his own farm he’s parked in front of a computer crunching the numbers and keeping the Southern Pastures team in check.

Growing up on the family dairy farm, Hayden has developed a thorough knowledge of farm workings and applies his experience as a Chartered Accountant, through Baker Tilly placed in our Head Office in Auckland. Hayden is responsible for transparent reporting to investors and driving financial performance on-farm through budgeting, benchmarking and analysis of key performance indicators, timely reporting, and regular contact with farm management.

Hayden has over 15 year’s experience working as a chartered accountant both in London and New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Waikato.

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